Device-as-a-Subscription (DaaS)

Your Tech, Your Way Redefining Access with Device-as-a-Subscription (DaaS)

Innovate faster with vCloud Choice' Device-as-a-Subscription (DaaS) Program:

We enable organizations to access new technology solutions faster, helping them get their hands on the latest technology at a fraction of the cost on a subscription basis. From device acquisition through device retirement, DaaS solutions and services will streamline the whole lifecycle of end-user devices. On any device, DaaS enables you to offer a safe working experience. The vCloud Choice DaaS service, which is available, covers a wide range of client devices, including desktops, notebooks, tablets, 2-in-1s, handhelds, and more. Using DaaS, businesses with on-premises deployments can save 70% over three years.