Lifecycle Management

With The Power of Lifecycle Management Unlock the Potential and Ensure Continuity

Lifecycle Management services assist you in managing an expanding range of legacy data centre licensing and optimizing it.

vCloud Choice Delivered Services enables organizations with every phase of hardware's lifecycle, from initial design, integration, and installation to continuing maintenance, monitoring, and disposal. From our technological portfolio of over 150,000 products, we provide complete, repeatable multi-vendor solutions. We remove all the hassle and stress of lifecycle management, allowing organizations to focus on their core business. Keeping track of component end-of-life (EOL) will be time-consuming, especially when using a large number of components from several suppliers, each with its lifecycle methodologies. vCloud Choice authorizes organizations to handle the intricacies of managing various vendor component life cycles. We simplify the lifecycle management process as part of vCloud Choice's value-added products by providing trackers that report on significant milestones for each component. That enables us to communicate effectively with you, our client, on when to act on product end-of-life and how to transition to the next generation. We help with this by notifying PCNs promptly, organizing engineering resources, negotiating last-minute acquisitions, coordinating last-minute purchases, and managing last-minute shipping.