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Pre-Sales Engineering​

We have hundreds of subject matter experts across all verticals across the globe, where we provide basic rack and stacks as well as high-end wireless setups. To provide a smooth experience with a whole solution, we offer in-field installations and remote services. Many businesses are looking for ways to supplement and extend their current operations. We provide a variety of services to help you improve your profitability and revenue.

Field Services

vCloud Choice enables customers’ engineering teams to enhance their knowledge by providing white-labeled technical support and troubleshooting on an as-needed basis. It’s difficult to keep up with rapidly changing technologies and equipment. Pre-Sales Engineering services conduct in-depth evaluations to obtain a comprehensive understanding of clients’ present systems and to recommend the best solutions. vCloud Choice evaluates the Network

Lifecycle Management

vCloud Choice Delivered Services enables organizations with every phase of hardware’s lifecycle. From initial design, integration, and installation to continuing maintenance, monitoring, and disposal. From our technological portfolio of over 150,000 products, we provide full, repeatable multi-vendor solutions. We take away all of the hassle and stress of lifecycle management, allowing organizations to focus on their core business. Keeping track of component end-of-life (EOL) will be a time-consuming operation, especially when using a large number of components from several suppliers, each with its life-cycle methodologies. vCloud Choice authorizes organizations to handle the intricacies of managing various vendor component life cycles.

IT Maintenance

vCloud Choice allows businesses of all sizes to outsource data center maintenance to third parties. We are certified to provide high-level support for all of the major OEMs, and we often save you 40-60% on support expenditures.

Configurations & Logistics

We provide solutions that Customers require to develop and customize to their exact requirements.  vCloud Choice ensures that our customers receive the products they require fast and easily from Build-to-order services. Custom hardware services, imaging, provisioning, and software services, asset labeling, packaging, burn-in, and diagnostic testing, staging and logistics, and project management are all included in our white-labeled configuration services. vCloud choice provides our customers all services including Outsourced fulfillment, virtual distribution, direct drop-ship to multiple customer locations. , Supplier-managed inventory (SMI), the development of customized shipping

Imaging Services

vCloud Choice manages a complete process to provide imaging services customized for each customer with executed cost-effectively

Our capabilities include :

  • Imaging Server/Rack Configurations
  • Setting up a phone
  • Implementation of the hardware
  • Wireless solutions for mobile security
  • Staging and integration for routers and switches
  • Configuring the printer
  • Content load for digital signage

Project Management

The customer’s experience after the sale is crucial. To assist, the vCloud Choice team provides a wide range of post-sale services, such as :

  • Service Packages for Phone-to-Field
  • Contact Us
  • In charge of RMAs
  • Refurbishment/Repair
  • Logistical Reverse
  • FRU Replacement at the Depot/Advanced