Configurations & Logistics

Transform Configurations & Logistics and Enhance the Efficiency of your Syncing Systems

With flexible deployment options, specialized configuration services, and intelligent inventory planning, you can enhance your end-user experience.

We provide solutions that Customers require to develop and customize to their requirements. vCloud Choice ensures that our customers receive the products they require fast and easily from Build-to-order services. Custom hardware services, imaging, provisioning, and software services, asset labelling, packaging, burn-in and diagnostic testing, staging and logistics, and project management are all included in our white-labelled configuration services. vCloud Choice provides our customers with all services, including Outsourced fulfilment, virtual distribution, direct drop-ship to multiple customer locations., Supplier-managed inventory (SMI), the development of customized shipping documentation, multi-level serial number tracking for customized, configured products, and online order and shipment tracking are all examples of logistics-support operations. In addition, we provide complete logistics solutions to meet the needs of large-volume or speciality logistics services.